Usual price for Amir's Exercise & Diet Guide is already a bargain at £35 but on Amir's orders as a New Year Special Offer, he has reduced the price to just £7!... that's a Massive 80% Discount!
Amir Khan Presents His
Exercise & Diet Guide
Get fit and
lose weight
I want to share with you my favourite workouts and some of the diet tips that have made a difference to me, and if you apply them they will make a difference to you. Using bodyweight for every exercise, you can get fit and strong anywhere, and even lose some fat too!
Using bodyweight you can get amazing results, it is my secret for keeping in shape easily and SO CAN YOU! All you have to do is do is move regularly and the results will quickly happen for you...
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A Personal Note From Amir Khan
Every year I see lots of exercise plans and diet plans, and I must admit, as someone who has always exercised and been taught what to eat, I see a lot of the stuff out there as over-complicated and expensive!

I wanted to put together something of real value for all my followers and fans, to help you get off to a good start this year.

Myself and my team have put to paper how I eat in the hope that you can take some tips away and improve your own eating habit, and we have also considered how I exercise and how you can apply this to your life and improve your fitness and health.

With me travelling a lot over the years and still now, I use my own bodyweight to exercise. It is very convenient, you can do it at home without travelling to the gym, in your hotel room even, it is great to know these workouts so you can train anytime anywhere.

I've got news for you that will upset all the fitness guru's this new year, you simply do not have to do all that complicated stuff guys, you really just have to move your body regularly, and eat clean.

No silly dieting, just proper training and clean eating, and I share what I do in this guide for you, I hope you find it useful.
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Exercise & Diet Guide
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Amir's 7 Secrets To Success 
NEW YEAR SPECIAL OFFER: Usual price for Amir's Exercise & Diet Guide is already a bargain at £35 but on Amir's orders as a New Year Special Offer, he has reduced the price to just £7!... that's a Massive 80% Discount!
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"My husband and I have both followed the workouts and loved them, Easy to do but you can really feel them working. We saved so much time too as we could do it all completely at home. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and toned, especially my tummy. Amazing value for money!"

"I read the guide and started doing the workouts on top of my spin class and 5-a-side football. I've been playing football every week for years, but since adding the workouts from the guide my stomach has just vanished! Really happy I bought this, so much info for so little money!"

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Exercise & Diet Guide
by Amir 'King' Khan
  • 27 Page Exercise & Diet Guide Download & Keep PDF
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  • Bonus # 1 - Amir'e Favourite Recipes Download & Keep PDF
  • Bonus # 2 - Amir'e 7 Secrets To Success Download & Keep PDF
believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS.
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NEW YEAR SPECIAL OFFER: Usual price for Amir's Exercise & Diet Guide is already a bargain at £35 but on Amir's orders as a New Year Special Offer, he has reduced the price to just £7!... 
That's a Massive 80% Discount!
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